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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Product Rave: Jamberry Nails Nail Shields

Jamberry Nails is a company/product created by three style loving sisters/moms who wanted to be able to have fashion statement nails with out the expense or time a salon takes. They took their idea to their engineer husbands and started the company.

I went to a Jamberry Nails party my friend had a few weeks ago as her one friend had become a consultant for the company and needed help getting started. She did my nails with a sheet she bought and then realized the color didn't really suit her. Since, I have washed dishes, showered several times, ate messy finger food, and washed my hands, plus the normal bad stuff I do to them (nail torturer), and they're still on, no chips! They ate starting to peel a little, but I just heat them and press down with a cuticle pusher to re-seal them. And they come in all sorts of designs, including practically (and some completely) impossible ones! And they also have solid color ones. They are sooo gorgeous!
Pros: super cool designs (and you can wear the designs even with tiny nails that it's impossible to diy), long lasting, no chipping, smooth, no harmful chemicals (nail bitter, finger sucker friendly :D), removes in one easy peel, one sheet lasts a long time if you have smaller nails (like mine), only costs $15 (compared to salon cost is amazing), do not contain latex (yay for those with latex allergy)
Cons: process takes longer than a normal nail paint job (like the everyday, one solid color), heating for re-seal can damage nail (though not too bad if you do it right), one sheet is used up quick if you have big nails, costs enough that I can only buy one sheet at a time :(

I also ordered a sheet of light pink floral design
Their web address is Let me know what your thoughts are on them
With much love, Hopey ^w^ <3

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