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Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Life as a Necromancer - Zombie Hand Special Effects Makeup

BRAAAIIINNSSSS! My brother let me turn his hand into a decaying zomie's hand (I'm so good at Necromancey, I can kill a part of a creature and bring it back without having to kill the whole being. lol, I'm a geek!) I used allot of house-hold products (food coloring - red gel, yellow liquid, and concentrated black, q-tips, napkins, oatmeal, scissors, coffee, tweezers) as well as items from manicure sets (emery board, cuticle pusher) and some Halloween makeup (white and green cream makeup, Halloween pallete) as well as my face primer and foundation. Note this was my first try at doing this so please don't be too harsh with me. I used the oats for scabby clots of blood, napkins for prosthetic zombie skin (oh how I wish I had glue to stick it down right) food coloring for blood and a mixture of food coloring and coffee (mixed in and applied with a zip-lock baggy that I poked a hole into to apply) for the blood on top of the scabby mixture (because it was so sticky and kept coming off when I would try to sped the gooey food coloring)

Behind the scenes pictures

                               Products/materials used

What my hands looked like afterwards!

For pictures of the finished look with and without the cut, click this link:

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