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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Flower Collab with Emy-Both Looks done and My Tutorial DONE

I did a collaboration tutorial with EmyExtasy. We choose the topic Spring Flowers. I did a Sakura Blossom inspired look. And I finally got the tutorial done! Here's the tutorial: 

And here are the pictures of my look:

Like I said in the last post, Emy is doing a Daisy inspired look. She recorded the tutorial and emailed me the picture for it, but couldn't put it up till I sent her my pics. But then she was having computer trouble and had to erase allot of videos, and accidentally deleted the collab! Here are the pictures, though:

I will be giving you the link to her video when she uploads it later this month! Please subscribe to me and her on youtube!

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for following my blog! ^_~ Really nice fotd! Love the pics!