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Halloween makeup
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Life as a Necromancer - Zombie Hand Special Effects Makeup

BRAAAIIINNSSSS! My brother let me turn his hand into a decaying zomie's hand (I'm so good at Necromancey, I can kill a part of a creature and bring it back without having to kill the whole being. lol, I'm a geek!) I used allot of house-hold products (food coloring - red gel, yellow liquid, and concentrated black, q-tips, napkins, oatmeal, scissors, coffee, tweezers) as well as items from manicure sets (emery board, cuticle pusher) and some Halloween makeup (white and green cream makeup, Halloween pallete) as well as my face primer and foundation. Note this was my first try at doing this so please don't be too harsh with me. I used the oats for scabby clots of blood, napkins for prosthetic zombie skin (oh how I wish I had glue to stick it down right) food coloring for blood and a mixture of food coloring and coffee (mixed in and applied with a zip-lock baggy that I poked a hole into to apply) for the blood on top of the scabby mixture (because it was so sticky and kept coming off when I would try to sped the gooey food coloring)

Behind the scenes pictures

                               Products/materials used

What my hands looked like afterwards!

For pictures of the finished look with and without the cut, click this link:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Product Rave: Jamberry Nails Nail Shields

Jamberry Nails is a company/product created by three style loving sisters/moms who wanted to be able to have fashion statement nails with out the expense or time a salon takes. They took their idea to their engineer husbands and started the company.

I went to a Jamberry Nails party my friend had a few weeks ago as her one friend had become a consultant for the company and needed help getting started. She did my nails with a sheet she bought and then realized the color didn't really suit her. Since, I have washed dishes, showered several times, ate messy finger food, and washed my hands, plus the normal bad stuff I do to them (nail torturer), and they're still on, no chips! They ate starting to peel a little, but I just heat them and press down with a cuticle pusher to re-seal them. And they come in all sorts of designs, including practically (and some completely) impossible ones! And they also have solid color ones. They are sooo gorgeous!
Pros: super cool designs (and you can wear the designs even with tiny nails that it's impossible to diy), long lasting, no chipping, smooth, no harmful chemicals (nail bitter, finger sucker friendly :D), removes in one easy peel, one sheet lasts a long time if you have smaller nails (like mine), only costs $15 (compared to salon cost is amazing), do not contain latex (yay for those with latex allergy)
Cons: process takes longer than a normal nail paint job (like the everyday, one solid color), heating for re-seal can damage nail (though not too bad if you do it right), one sheet is used up quick if you have big nails, costs enough that I can only buy one sheet at a time :(

I also ordered a sheet of light pink floral design
Their web address is Let me know what your thoughts are on them
With much love, Hopey ^w^ <3

Blue Eyeshadow look

For the eyes I used a blue and an almost skin colored creme pigments (actually from a Halloween makeup kit I bought at CVS this year) as a base and blended them together in the middle. Then I used a black liner in the outer v to about the half way point in my crease. I then used a blue eyeshadow to set the blue section and blend it out. Then I took a white shadow and used it on the remainder of my lid to soften the colors I would be placing on top of it, and on the inner corner to brighten this area. Then I took a yellow and patted it over the white on my lid. Then did the same with a pink shadow. I then tightlined the top and bottom lashes and put on some mascara. For the face I just concealed any blemishes and set it by patting a face powder on the areas I concealed and dusted it all over my face with a face brush. Then I put a soft blush on my cheeks. Then I contoured my cheeks, the sides of my face a little, and my jawline. I also highlighted the high points of my face with a white shadow. For the lips I put on a sheer pink gloss, patted a plumb-ey lipstick over it, and put a little icy pink gloss in the center on my lips. I also highlighted my cupids bow with a little white shadow too.

Pink Scene Brows/Single for Valentine's Day look

Partly inspired by Jeffree Star's dramatic pink brows. Yes, this was my valentine's look (because I'm single and don't have to go anywhere) I used the same pink lipstick used on lips for the brows winged eyeliner so it would match. Set them with pink shadow. I used goldy-yellow shadow on lids, lined waterline and tightlined top and put on mascara. I highlighted the inner corners ans cupids bow with a shimmery white eyeshadow. For the face I concealed blemishes and set with powder, put a light blush on, contoured cheek bones and jawline, and highlighted high points on the face

Makeup College

Okay, so, I have to save up from now on... I need a new camera, laptop (preferably one with a web cam), and just the funds for college this coming year. The college I'm looking at only cost $1,398 (I think if I remember right) and that includes all fees and supplies for it (except the camera and laptop). It's online so no travel or boarding (idk what else to call it) fees. But this also means I need space to download their stuff as well as upload my finished assignments to it, which is where the laptop comes in, and the good ones cost in the $2,000+ range. Also I will need a new camera to take good pictures of the makeup I do as picture quality effects the grade. Good ones are in the $300+ range. Plus I will need more makeup, and models. I have quite a few female friends who have agreed to be models, but I need guys as well, and I want a wide range of skin tones/textures, face/eye shapes to work with so I get plenty of experience with them.

Saturday, January 7, 2012